Our Values


Our outstanding customer service with qualified competencies, provide technical support, suggestions and solutions to customer’s daily request before and after sales. This imposes efficient work to meet customer’s needs. We pay attention to details and achieve our goals in being the best among the rest.



Saudi Oil Company applied a system to manage quality in order to meet the standards. To achieve this, the company has to:

  1. Make a study on customers needs.

  2. Provide customers with high quality products

  3. Work as a team to develop the quality management system.


The Team:

Our manpower is the precious force that we have in our group. It is developing year after year. We have hundreds of employees and technicians working in different specialties. We follow a specific procedure to select people working with us, to ensure everyone is doing his duty the best way. In addition to this, the company works continuously on developing the employee’s skills to fit the rapid development of the market. Therefore, the company select only employees with huge experience in their fields.



We are committed to be up to date in the market. We follow rhythm of life and build the trust with our customers.